Bad Habits that Make You Lose Money [Podcast]


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Not all habits are good, even when they feel comfortable. Mike and co-host Vero highlight small bad habits most investors have that could make them lose money. Just like many of us tend to destroy our weight loss with chips or wine on the side, let’s make sure you don’t sabotage your portfolio by positioning it around something that is not related to your investment goal. 

You’ll Learn

  • Following the news, even the important ones like the war in Ukraine or elections, could harm your portfolio. The news only tends to create confusion and won’t have much of an impact on stocks. Learn what to do instead.
  • Using ratios or metrics for your stocks research is only smart. However, if you’ve selected ones that are too strict, you’ll leave a lot of money on the table. Mike shares his own failures and how he solved that problem.
  • Trying to position your portfolio around the next trend can actually make you lose sight of your own path. Stop losing money on sector rotation!
  • How important it is to select the strategy that works for you. Vero shares how it has been difficult to cut down the noise created by peer pressure and focus on her investment goal.

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