4 Stocks with a Perfect Dividend Triangle [Podcast]


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The Dividend Triangle can’t be found in investment books as it has been created by Mike. It consists of looking at revenue growth, earnings growth, and dividend growth as a first set of filters in your stock research. We referred to that concept times and times again! So, today, we present 4 stocks with a perfect dividend triangle to illustrate how it leads to robust companies!

Can you guess any?

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You’ll Learn

  • 02:03 Why is focusing on these three metrics (revenue, EPS, and dividend growth)?
  • 05:33 Why should you look at the 5-year trend when you set your dividend triangle filters?
  • 09:20 What other filters come into play before pressing the buy button?
  • 13:07 What are the numbers investors should look for in terms of revenue growth, earnings growth and dividend growth?
  • 15:47 Why Abbott Laboratories shows an amazing dividend triangle despite a small decrease in revenue and earnings for 2020?
  • 20:21 How Power Corp went from a company with boring results to an interesting play.
  • 24:55 Canadian Banks were not allowed to raise their dividend payments in 2020. Is that a concern and why is National Bank still a great example?
  • 29:01 Microsoft shows the best dividend triangle we could find on Dividend Stocks Rock. How can investors make sure it is sustainable?
  • 37:18 Can a great dividend triangle sometimes lead to a not-so-good company?

Below, you’ll find the Dividend Triangle of each company mentioned today.

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