2015 Resolutions, Can You be More Cliché?


Seriously, I’m making fun of myself writing this post. Is there anything more cliché than making resolutions at the beginning of the year? Believe it or not; I’ll do it anyways! But I would rather talk about goals instead of resolutions as the purpose is not quit them in a few weeks but instead to track my goals throughout the year and make sure I achieve them. I have one of the most important years of my life in front of me and I can’t mess it up.


Why 2015 is so Important? ‘Cause I’m 18 months away from Retiring!

I have published on this blog that I intend to retire at the age of 35 and I’m not changing my mind. Last fall, I made another important step towards this ambitious goal; I bought my RV! I should clear up this retirement goal upfront: I won’t stop working at the age of 35 but I will stop the cubicle rat race working for a big corporation. I will celebrate my early retirement by selling everything I own and traveling throughthe  Americas (Canada, USA, Mexico down to Costa Rica and back) with my family over an entire year.

In 18 months, I will leave everything behind to live a life of freedom and discovery. The point is to live frugally and earn money from my websites during that time. I will still work, but only on my passions. This is why I say that I’m retiring.


2015 Goals – I have an important list!

First things first; I’ve decided to go all-in and fully invest myself in my website business. This is the only way I can go on such a big trip and keep the adventure running once I comeback. The ultimate goal is to quit my job in 2016 and never have to apply for another again. I’ve always dreamt of living off my online income but I never had the guts to quit my well paid job. On top of writing about investing, I will also write about my personal journey on The Dividend Guy Blog. So more reading for you, I trust it’s good news!

I also want to add more features to my membership website; Dividend Stocks Rock. The site is 13 months old now and the growth is very interesting. It’s now time to shift gears and add more features and reach out to more members. A monthly dividend portfolio should be offered shortly. The goal is to build a portfolio that meets our 7 investments principles AND distributes about the same amount of payout each month. This will be the perfect portfolio for an investor looking to live from their dividends.

On a more personal note, I want to change my lifestyle. I’ve been through several “lose weight rushes” where I workout hard five times a week and cut back on my food habits but it never lasts. For the past three years, I’ve started the year around 200lbs, drop down around 180lbs in a few months to gain it back toward the end of summer and finish again at 200lbs. I’ve changed my training schedule and food habits this year instead of going through a rush of performances. The goal is simple; develop a new lifestyle with habits that will help me better control my weight. I need to be in shape before I leave and this means weighting less than 180lbs.

Since this will be my last year coaching my oldest son in soccer, I want to win a tournament. We will go to 4 tournaments this year and I want to win one with my son. I’ve had so much fun coaching throughout the year and now I have one last chance to make it happen when it counts (we have won in the past, but it was not in a competitive field).

Finally, I’m looking forward to earning a big bonus at the end of the year. This will be my last round at work and want to make it count. Since I didn’t calculate my bonus in my budget projection, it will be a nice surprise to leave with a big check in hand.


What are your goals?

Do you have any goals for 2015? Anything you want to work on it? I’ll be back with my investment goals shortly, but this will require a full article!



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